Varicose Vein Removal

Leg vein treatment by radio frequency or surgical removal

The procedure will be performed by a vascular surgeon in JCI accredited Hospital in Bangkok.

What are the costs of varicose vein removal?

How can varicose leg veins be treated?

Varicose vein removal is a medical procedure that results in removal of varicose veins from thighs and leg areas. These veins are puffy and twisted in shaped, which one can visibly see under the skin. They have red or purple color and can eventually develop in other areas of the body.

Varicose veins can appear when the veins cannot send all of the blood back to the heart as is their purpose. Instead some blood accumulates in the veins and makes them painful and swollen.

These veins are more common in women than in men and their risk increases in older age. They can also develop during pregnancy and may disappear after the delivery. They can also be signs of deep vein injuries or abnormal blood vessels.

Varicose vein removal treatment treats these veins and helps prevent them from occurring again. Following are the treatments available for varicose vein removal procedures.

Radio Frequency Ablation

This is a minimum invasive method to treat varicose veins. A doctor treats the damaged tissue with heat that creates scar tissue. After using ultrasound to map the veins the physician guides a catheter through an incision. Radio-frequency energy is directed through the catheter. Electric current is delivered in 20-second pulses that heats and contracts the vein walls and allows them to shrink. The catheter is then gradually backed down and the blood flow is re-routed to healthier veins. This restores the circulation and reduces the swelling.

A local anesthesia or mild sedative is often used during the procedure. The recovery time is short and you will be able to walk following the treatment.

Vein Injection – sclerotherapy

Vein injection, also known as sclerotherapy is a medical procedure that eliminates the varicose veins using minimal invasion. An injection filled with salt solution is inserted into the vein that irritates the blood vessels. This causes it to collapse and stick together. This later leads to scar tissue that will disappear after sometime. Normally, the solution is directly inserted into the veins using an ultrasound to map the course.

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