Affordable Teeth Whitening with Laser and ZOOM Technology

Dental whitening BangkokLaser Teeth Whitening

Some people tend to have darker shades of teeth than others. Stains appear on the outer surface of our teeth and are usually caused by diet and lifestyle, such as red wine, coffee, tea and tobacco. The whitening treatments has hardly any side effects some patients have sensitivity for few hours after the treatment. Teeth or the enamel area will not be damaged. No anesthesia is required. The laser tooth whitening treatment is completed within one visit that will last less than an hour. In our dental clinics, So far we have treated many patients with Laser Whitening,  so we could guaranty our skill and experience.


Price for laser dental whitening

ZOOM!™ Teeth Whitening 9,000 from 12,000 THB

“Truly” Laser Teeth Whitening 7,500 from 10,000 THB

“Truly” Laser Teeth Whitening for 2 person 14,000 from 20,000 THB

The new Philips Zoom! WhiteSpeed™ Teeth Whitening System

Maximize your Comfort – Minimize your Sensitivity

laser dental whitening laser dental whitening






Teeth stained through Aging  Treatment:  1 visit laser tooth  whitening

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