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Our dental clinic offers Invisalign dental tray technology

Invisalign Dentral Tray BangkokDiscover a new revolutionary treatment method that gives you a smile you have always wanted without any great effort. The Invisalign Dental Tray system is available in Bangkok and offers a pain-free and comfortable alternative to common metal braces.

The super thin dental trays (aligners) have been developed by Align Technologies in the USA and are based on well-founded clinical studies and innovative technologies to precisely control the straightening of your teeth. The aligners are made of soft, comfortable and almost invisible plastic that you wear over your teeth. With the help of the transparent aligners, your teeth gently and gradually begin to shift into place whereas metal can be dispensed with altogether. The method is suitable for teenagers as well as adults. The treatment is almost invisible, and the aligners may be removed as required.

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Our specially trained and Invisalign certified orthodontist will manufacture the plastic dental trays individually for you. Approximately every two weeks, you will wear a new pair of aligners until your teeth are in the desired position. The greatest feature of this new revolutionary technology is the fact that nobody will see that you are in the process of straightening your teeth.



Advantages of Invisalign are:

  • It is not visible, not noticeable and comfortable to wear
  • There is no embarrassment, no attention or staring at your mouth
  • It is easy to remove while you are eating and brushing your teeth and carry on your usual dental hygiene as normal
  • No metal braces, so no food will be stuck between your teeth
  • Aesthetically perfect for your private and professional life

The process of the Invisalign dental treatment in Thailand:

  1. First, you will meet our orthodontist for an initial evaluation in our clinic
    • the Invisalign certified orthodontist will work out a treatment program tailor made for your individual needs
    • a dental imprint of your teeth will be made
    • the dental imprint will be sent to the USA
  2. After approximately three weeks you will visit the clinic again:
    • a CT scan of your dental impressions will be made
    • Using CAD (Computer Aided Design) software, the movement of your teeth can be simulated
    • The Invisalign technology stereolithography (SLA) will build precise moulds of your teeth
    • From these moulds, your custom made clear aligners will be created

Check up: You should visit the orthodontist for regular check-ups to monitor your progress. The duration of the complete treatment varies from 6 to 15 months. The total number of clear aligners varies from person to person

Price for dental trays Invisalign

Treatment Invisalign
Invisalign Teen 2 Jaws189000
Invisalign i7 1 Jaw49000
Invisalign i7 2 Jaws65000
Invisalign lite 1 Jaw89000
Invisalign lite 2 Jaws119000
Invisalign Full 2 Jaws169000

Appointment booking procedure:

To prepare a detailed cost estimate for you, please provide us with a recent x-ray image, the size of the picture should be at least 200 k large and photographs as shown as an example:

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