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August 2017 Review for eyelid surgery / Stella from Sydney

Thank you for a professional and calm experience. Your expertise shines through and your honesty is very much appreciated. Everything was very easy with dealing with you through email and mind was at ease the whole way through.

Stella and Stephanie.

“I am so happy with my result”
“Vaser Liposuction in Bangkok, Thailand for slim and petite

I had a Vaser Liposuction in Bangkok with International Medical Health Solutions with Dr. Vitusinee female surgeon who is pretty much expert of body contouring and liposuction, did my research for almost 2 years before I finally made a decision to do it, I go to gym but still my stubborn belly fats loves me so. I have sent an email and got a very responsive Swiss lady who is an expat in Bangkok named Beate Juengst she was soo amazingly responsive to all my queries and even met me at the hotel and bring me to BB Clinic, she was very friendly and I can even ask her anything which is not medical related. Anyways I stayed in Bangkok for 5 days even if I was recommended to stay for 7 days so that I have time to remove my stitches, can hardly get my time off because of my office job. Cross fingers, I end up removing my stitches in Singapore back home (Polyclinics).

I am only around 48KG to 50KG I don’t have a lot of fats but Dr. V managed to remove 600 CC from my flanks, upper and lower abdomen then little bit at the back which cost me around 92,000 Baht this includes pre-blood check-up, follow-ups, 1 garment additional garment would cost 2900 Baht so I recommend buying your own if you prefer, just for something to change while the other one is in the washing.

Dr. V and the assistant named Lynn she is from the Philippines and the rest of the nurses was very friendly as well and they all speak English. I am so happy with my result, I still feel a bit tight when I stand up because this is what vaser has to do to you, tightening. I can’t wait to go back to the gym in 2 weeks time and see more of my abs.

Good Luck!
5 Star”

March 2017 Mr. Heinz from Germany
5 Star testimonial for upper and lower eyelid surgery

A couple of months ago, I had an upper and lower eyelid surgery done in Bangkok.
After several weeks of web research and many offers received from clinics and brokers, i found International Medical Health Solutions.
The service provided by Beate can be considered as very professional and very much different from the others. No marketing, no blabla, but very much focused on giving clear and conclusive information about the surgery and the clinics suitable for doing the job.
By recommendation from her, i found a very good surgeon who did excellent works.
If I ever have another issue, I will directly consult Beate, but not wasting my time with others any more.

February 2017 Ms. Kellie from Australia
Mommy make over surgery
Breast lift plus reduction, tummy tuck and Vase Liposuction

When embarking on such a life altering decision to have plastic surgery in a foreign country, it was recommended that I make contact with Beate Jungst from Intermedisol. It turned this was the best advice I could have been given.  In doing this, the stress on me was eliminated and entrusted into the very capable hands of Beate.  From this point Beate herself asked all of the necessary and appropriate questions which gave her the ability to go ahead and find the perfect team to cater for my very personal journey.

The surgeons that were appointed to my case were both amazing. They listened to me and understood what I required from my surgeries, as I had had a multiple birth and was in need of a breast reduction and lift alongside a full tummy tuck to repair the damage brought about by carrying my beautiful babies over 16 years ago.

Dr Vitusinee and Dr Chairat along with a beautiful caring medical team worked together to create the best outcome for me.

This has been a wonderful and very positive experience for me in many ways.

I am nearly 5 weeks post op and couldn’t be happier. Thank you to everyone who was involved in taking extra special care of me.

Kellie Shorten
44 years old

Marc from New Zealand for Vaser Liposuction

Hello Intermedisol Team and Dr Chairat,
I would like to thank Dr Chairat, all the nurses and the Intermedisol administration who made the whole procedure for my liposuction surgery very easy. The pain level was much less than expected and I was surprised at the fast healing process. I am happy with my Lipo.
All the best from New Zealand

Lucas from Argentina – liposuction Vaser – male breast and full abdomen

Hi there to my new friends in Bangkok
I had been searching the internet for fat removal procedures for a long time and found so much information about Vaser liposuction. Beate from Intermedisol made my decision very easy. She replied promptly and answered all my questions about the pros and cons. As soon as I arrived at my hotel in Bangkok, I got picked up by the clinic and had my first consultation with Dr Vitusinee. She explained everything very clearly, and we scheduled the surgery for the following day. I was a little nervous but the head nurse Lynn who speaks excellent English and has been working at the clinic for many years calmed me down and helped me relax. After the surgery, I stayed overnight at the hospital and was well taken care of. The whole team was super friendly. I was brought back to my hotel the next day and had a few follow-up visits during the following days. This was six weeks ago, and I am very happy with the outcome.
Thank you to the whole team.

Jennifer from Australia / Tummy Tuck – Thigh Vaser Lipo and arm lift

“Early in 2015, I decided I needed some plastic surgery after losing around 35-40kgs and having too much unwanted, excess skin. I started researching doctors all over the place, comparing their skills and prices and eventually decided on Thailand. Dr Sutin was one of the top surgeons I investigated. While gathering information about him I came across ‘Intermedisol’ and decided to contact them to see how they could help. From the first moment of contact, Beate provided the most incredible level of fantastic service. All of my trepidation disappeared as Beate helped me through what would happen, what my treatment would involve, what I needed to bring with me, how to look after myself post-op, etc. Beate assisted with finding accommodation close to the after-care facility, which was excellent, and obtained a much better rate than I could online, offered a collection service from the airport, arranged all medical appointments and personally escorted me to all of them. Beate was also there when I was admitted to and discharged from the hospital, assisted me with obtaining groceries and overall, helped in any way she could.All of this first class service far exceeded my expectations and made my surgery and recovery a lot easier.I stayed in Bangkok for some time after my surgery, and Beate stayed in constant contact to ensure all was going well If you are considering surgery in Thailand and want to provide first class medical and personal treatment I strongly recommend you contact Beate at Intermedisol.”

Celine from France – Vaser Liposuction – belly fat

I have been struggling with my stubborn belly fat for a long time before I decided to go to Thailand for a liposuction. Intermedisol responded fast and professional and suggested Vaser liposuction and explained the process to me. I was immediately confident in the surgeons and teams abilities. The whole process went smooth, and I am more than happy with the results. Thank you for all your assistance.
Celine from France

Jo & Garry from Australia / Full facelift for Jo and Garry’s cosmetic dental treatment

Jo had a Lower face neck lift; Gary received a plan for dental crowns and Veneers.

To Intermedisol – what a great team of professional and caring people! I had lower face/neck lift surgery last year, and am thrilled with the results, huge thanks to Dr Sutin.

Many thanks also to the fantastic Khun Be who guided me through the quite scary procedure and soothed my fears.

My husband would like to thank Be too for her guidance on dental work he received – he still can’t believe how much he now looks like Mel Gibson!!

C. M. Larson – Blepharoplasty, upper eyelid surgery

I finally decided to have surgery on my upper eyelids to reduce the “tired” look that friends seemed to comment upon as I aged. I wrote Beate at Medical Solutions / Intermedisol for a recommendation of surgeons in Bangkok, as I was going to be passing through there in a couple of weeks. Within a few days, she had lined me up with a fantastic surgeon who performed the operation in the afternoon of the day I arrived in Bangkok. Everything about the clinic was very professional, clean, modern and organised. The doctor did a fantastic job, and I experienced almost no swelling after his advice to sleep nearly upright for the first two nights after surgery. I was able to go out and carry on with my usual activities in Bangkok and on the fifth day I had my stitches out and flew home. I’m thrilled with the results and so thankful to Beate for making this whole process so easy and fruitful! I know for a fact that she researches very carefully to make sure that the people she works with are top notch practitioners and I have seen the proof of her efforts. She was also with me during the surgery and made sure that all my needs were met during my stay, my guardian angel. I would happily recommend her services to all.

Jane from Canada – Upper Eyelid Surgery Blepharoplasty

Online searching: was lots of choices. Communication from Beate from International Medical Health Solutions: timely, and answered all questions

Service: great because it was very informative (when trying to organise a relatively unknown surgery – because I’d never had it done before – from the other side of the world)

Procedure: from the moment I stepped in the door of PEI I felt welcomed and safe. The initial consultation was calming and informative; both Rob and I felt like I was in good hands, and options of eyelid surgery patiently explained. Dr Sutin was so gentle and patient, and the operation itself was comfortable. Afterwards, there was little swelling and bruising. I had my stitches out on day seven due to new year’s office closures, and they were pretty much back to normal then.

Outcome: I hadn’t seen my eyelids in 5 years! It is fabulous to have a wide-eyed look again, and every day I am so pleased when I look in the mirror. One month later there is a slight scarring on my eyelid crease which I’m told will all be back to normal by the six-month point. But it is easily covered up with a minimal concealing (makeup) product.

Elizabeth from Switzerland – Mini / Midface lift

With my profound affection and gratefulness of heart for your time and kindness during my Mini-Lift experience and success!

It was February 2014, and with the valuable assistance of International Medical Health Solutions (IMHS), I went successfully through a so-called “Mini-Lift” surgery.

Unfamiliar with plastic surgery and rather hesitant due to the wide range of offers available in that field, IMHS has been my first step in understanding and taking such an important decision.

With seriousness, professionalism and years of experience, IMHS efficiently directed me to the most modern clinics with the best Professor/Dr mastering their science with the latest technologies and techniques. After all the helpful answers to my questions, they still let me have the final say and today I highly recommend IMHS as my surgery, its follow-up and my stay have been a pleasurable experience with a fantastic natural result.

Steve & Carol – Cataract Surgery / Dental Plan / Health Check-up

Thank you for your attention and assistance, made everything go smoothly and without any problems.

Chris from Australia – Dental Veneer Treatment in Bangkok

Hello, Beate and Team. Before having my teeth repaired and corrected, the primary process which involved having to go out of my comfort zone of flying to an unknown destination, meeting new people, participating in the process and the uncertainty of the dentist and the desired results created some considerable initial stress. The level of correspondence from yourself Beate to my wife, provided us with the increased confidence that you would be looking for my welfare and the desired results. At the time of arrival in Bangkok, my confidence increased immediately with the driver (Sam) that you had arranged. This person as part of your involvement became highly important to us, as it demonstrated an extension to your personal and highly professional organisation. Your choice and recommendation of the accommodation I stayed at placed me in what I consider a safe and convenient location, being another credit to your professional consideration of your clients and research skills. The Dental Clinic was accessible, clean, neat and operated by courteous and patient staff. Another credit to your local knowledge. I consider my treating Dentists and technicians to have been supportive and understanding. Their equipment was worlds first and controlled in a very professional manner and environment. Another credit to how you value and respect your clients by sourcing these service providers. Your practice of calling up to check on my progress and welfare on many occasions after hours places you at the highest level of compassion for care, concern and consideration. Never forgetting appointments and asking questions of treating specialists that I had not thought of provided me with answers that gave me further and proven confidence in your abilities to ask the tough questions and resolve issues before they arose. Following the whole process I am extremely satisfied with the outcome (results) of my Dental care and from this an increased confidence in myself when dealing with people. To yourself Beate, I extend my heartfelt appreciation for your politeness, professionalism and dedication to the people you represent. You are a diamond in the rough with some real smooth edges. For the team that you have built, and are building, will, no doubt be strengthened by your management style and experience, combined with your incredible people skills. Thank you sincerely for everything that you have done and continue to do. Chris

Sonja from Singapore – Breast Implants

Hello, International Medical Health Solutions. It’s been over a year since I had my breast implants and I must say I am content with Dr Sutin’s work. It looks natural, and I love it, thank you for the wonderful experience Intermedisol!

Complete Dental Plan / Perfect Smile

I arrived in Bangkok thinking this would be quick and easy, but my dentist was very thorough and found thinks that needed to be done for a full and success. I can say how happy I am to have the work completed as was suggested. My teeth and smile are just perfect. I am so satisfied with my dentist Dr Ultumporn was the best. I can’t wait to share with my friends and family. Also, I could not have got through this without my agent International Medical Health Solutions / Intermedisol. Thank you all

Lyn from Australia – Face & neck lifting

Travelling to a foreign country or city for Facial Plastic Surgery can be a scary and overwhelming prospect, so I contacted International Medical Health Solutions (Intermedisol). They organised everything for me, and their representative personally accompanied me through the whole process from organising the finest Plastic Surgeon, Dr Sutin, to arranging my Hospital, Hotel Accommodation and Transport. All I had to do was relax and prepare myself for the operation. I am so happy with my results, and huge thanks go to Beate from Intermedisol.

Andrea S. – Abdominal aortic aneurysm

I was suffering from Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm and left untreated I would have died. I consulted both government and private hospitals, and eventually decided to have the surgery done here because of the level professionalism of both doctors and nurses as well as the excellent service of the hospital. I underwent a minimally invasive procedure which reduces the risk of fatality and complications, and recovery is quick. I am very grateful for my treatment.

James Harmon – Dental Treatments

Dear Intermedisol,
I am writing to say thank you for the wonderful dental care I received while in Thailand. The dental clinic was very professional. I especially thought the staff was considerate, polite, and very knowledgeable. My friends here in California have all been very impressed by my great new smile. I am also truly thankful for the substantial savings that I received, as it cost me about one-third of the cost here in California.
Thank you sincerely.

Sharon from USA – Knee replacement surgery

I needed a knee replacement which I couldn’t afford in California. I was so lucky to find International Medical Health Solutions who arranged an affordable surgery for me in Thailand. They took care of me from my arrival until my departure, organised the operation in a GSI accredited hospital with a USA certified orthopaedic specialist. On top of that, I saved almost 75%. The service was excellent. Thank you!

Tony from Hawaii – for cosmetic surgery

Hello, I am from Oahu Hawaii, I’ve been interested in a couple of improvements in my body. My first concern was the loose skin on my neck, second my loose skin where leg and buttock meet.

A friend recommended Beate from Intermedisol, and she took me to several clinics, and we found the right surgeon for my needs. This experience was beneficial, as I feel trough her service that I was in very professional and safe hands. After this experience, I have a new friend and a surgeon who will fulfil any needs in the future. My surgery was a 100 % successful and made improvements that gave me more confidence in my new body.
Aloha and good luck!

Gary from USA – Dental Plan

I have had dental and medical work done in Thailand, and I found it very pleasant. The cost for the procedure and the cost of the flight was still less than the cost here in the States. You can depend on Intermedisol.


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