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Rhinoplasty – nasal hump correction – nasal bone reduction – nasal tip – alar plasty – nose job

Total nasal – nose  reconstruction surgery is not only performed for aesthetic purposes but also to alleviate nasal obstruction to correct breathing difficulties. Septoplasty (straightening of septal cartilage) and submucous resection (removal of a portion of septal cartilage) should be reconstructive.

Surgical procedure of rhinoplasty nose reconstruction

In most nasal surgery an incision is made inside the nostrils, through which the work will be done. The incision provides the surgeon with access to cartilage and bone which can be cut, trimmed and manipulated to reshape the nose and alter its external appearance.

Nasal hump correction (humpectomy)

The hump nose is the term used to describe a nose where a hump protrudes on the mid bridge area. The cause of such hump development may be the over growth of the nasal bone and/or nasal cartilage around the area. Generally, having a hooked nose portrays a strong and fierce impression therefore corrective surgery is often required.

Our plastic surgeon, can predict the growing capacity of the hump, and by correcting the nasal bone and cartilage according to accurate angle, a smooth nose profile can be achieved.

A hump is removed by using an instrument or a chisel and then bringing the nasal bones together to form a narrower bridge. To improve the angle between the bottom portion of the nose and the upper lip, the nasal tip is elevated. This is accomplished by trimming the septum through the incisions in the nostrils. If a large hump is removed, the base of the nose is disproportionately wide. To narrow it, small skin wedges are removed and the nostrils are brought closer to the center. Following surgery, a splint composed of tape and plastic or plaster overlay is applied to the nose to maintain bone and cartilage in their new shape.

Since most aesthetic rhinoplasty are performed from inside the nose, there is no visible scarring. The degree of improvement depends on the extent of the corrective work undertaken and basic structure of your nose and skin.

Nasal bone reduction surgery

Through the nasal bone reduction surgery, the width of the nasal bone is reduced to complete an attractive nose profile. In cases where only the width of the nasal bridge bone is reduced, the nose can appear inharmonious and disproportional. Therefore it is important to find the correct width of the nasal base that is proportionate to the face. Nasal Bone Reduction Surgery is performed through an incision in the insides of the nostrils. The nasal bone is approached through this incision and the nasal bone is separated from the base and gathered inwards. As the nasal bone is not separated from the base fully, there is no risk of the nasal bone deforming or the nose being blocked.

Nasal tip plasty

For the reshaping/augmentation of the nasal tip, nasal septum cartilage is used to sculpt the nasal tip so that it appears harmonious with the newly augmented nose. By performing the nasal tip surgery together with the humpectomy and reductive rhinoplasty, your nose will appear more natural and your satisfaction of the surgery should be higher.

Alar plasty

Alarplasty is the reduction of the width of the nostrils to match proportionally with the overall contour of the nose and be in perfect symmetry – a perfect nose speaks volumes for the face. With alarplasty the surgeon makes incisions into the nasal wings to remove skin and tissue and fashions the base of the nose to make it proportional with the width of the bridge. The procedure is done in 30-45 minutes. The patient is made to recover from the sedative for approximately an hour and a cold compress is applied over the operative site.

General cost for Rhinoplasty

Nose / Rhinoplasty by Thai - Korean Technique in Bangkok  
Hump removal (humpsectomy)52,000 THB
Tip-plasty (open)62,000 THB
AR&tip (open)77,000 THB

Post-operative care

After the operation, there is some pain that is easily controlled by medication. You will be asked to keep your head slightly elevated and apply cold compresses to your eyes to reduce postoperative bruising and swelling. Bruising around the eyes will begin to fade within a few days following the operation and will generally disappear within the next two to three weeks.

Preparation for cosmetic surgery

No smoking 2 weeks prior surgery and 4 weeks post-surgery

Stop taking blood thinners such as Aspirin, vitamin E, fish oil…

Inform us of your medical history

What is the recommended stay?

Recommended length of stay in Thailand: minimum 7 ~ 8 days, but if possible preferably 10 ~11 days


Our Thai Board Certified Plastic Surgeon have 12 years of  experience of performing surgeries on African American, Hispanic, Indian, Arabic, Caucasian and Asians.

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