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PRP – Platelet Rich Plasmakardashian vampire facial

Rejuvenates your face by resurface and tighten your skin to reinstate youthful look, using PRP Platelet-Rich Plasma. The live plasma cells therapy is designed to deduce wrinkles and create a healthy, youthful look without surgery.

What are the cost for PRP rejuvenation?

PRP rejuvenationRegular price Promotion Duration:
December 1st, 2018 –
January 31st, 2019
PRP (Face)from 21,000 THBnow → 13,999 THB
PRP (Scalp)from 23,000 THBnow → 17,000 THB
PRP Package 3 sessionsfrom 63,000 THBnow → 33,999 THB
PRP + Laser Toning +
Snow White Plus IV +
Hydrating Care
from 41,000 THBnow → 19,999 THB

What is PRP skin treatment?

PRP Facelift also known as Vampire Facelift is a revolutionary way of regenerating the soft tissues of the face. With age, the skin of our face tends to shrink and sag in specific areas due to loss of collagen. The fat pads that support the shape of lips, brows, and cheeks lose their magic, and your youthful, rosy glow diminishes. The vampire facelift is changing the world of cosmetic surgery and restores the youthful volume and shape of your face.

With our PRP Facelift treatment in Thailand, you can reverse time and eliminate dull skin, poor skin texture, loss of volume in cheeks, and much more concerns with a simple non-surgical procedure. The platelet rich plasma therapy can be combined with other skin tightening procedure such as Ulthera or Thermage laser. Nowadays the plastic surgeons and dermatologists work hand in hand, to achieve best result in anti aging. Fat grafting or fat filler to face can be also enriched with prp plasma  cells.

PRP Bangkok Thailand

Hair regeneration therapy – hair thickening with PRP

The treatment of hair loss in both men and women, using self-blood plasma therapy, Platelet Rich Plasma – PRP also called stem cell therapy is greatly improved. At least three treatments at intervals of four weeks are recommended.

Possibilities for PRP facial treatment

  • MTS involves the use of an automatic device that contains micro-needles. Needle to maximize the cell penetration of active ingredients. Micro-needles are penetrated through the epidermis to stimulate the body to produce new collagen and elastin, the skin’s connective tissue and the structural matrix responsible for smooth texture and elasticity.
  • plasma cells injections on into the patient’s cheek, mouth lines, under the eye, and other areas.
  • The blood plasma is injected under the hairline scalp to stimulate hair growth.

All methods have a strong effect on rejuvenation and resurface the skin, especially for a fine line, wrinkles, and acne scars enlarged pores and hair growth.

centrifuge blood plasma in Bangkok

MTS automatic device with 9 needles in Thailand

How is a PRP procedure done?

PRP facelift is a non-invasive procedure that involves withdrawing blood from patient’s body, preferably arms, processing it with platelet-rich plasma, and re-injecting it to the affected areas. It is designed to eliminate wrinkles and create a healthy, youthful glow.

The procedure takes approximately 2 hours to complete. The first stage of vampire facelift is to prepare the skin for cleaning and numbness cream, approximately 30 cc blood withdrawal from patient’s arm. The blood will be prepared to plasma cells in the centrifuge and separate the platelets.  The treatment itself takes about 20 min. Afterward, a cooling and healing facial mask will be applied. The redness after the procedure will fade in a couple of hours. Patients have no restriction after the treatment, can go back to work immediately. ( 24 hours no make – up)

What are the benefits of PRP injections?

Vampire Facelift is getting popular each day, due to its incredible results and non-invasive features. The benefits range from cosmetically to financially. PRP facelift will give your face a smoother and brighter finish, with simply injecting natural resources. The side effects of vampire facelift are lesser known, as the body adapts faster to natural resources.

The patient will require no allergy tests, and it is a relatively painless procedure, as compared to other alternatives like Botox. The skin tone also improves, and the desired clarity and volume is reached.

Why choose PRP skin rejuvenation?

Many people around the world often look for non-surgical and less invasive options when it comes to their skin. The procedure simply takes platelets from the patient’s blood, some natural fillers, and introduce them to the face. The result is a fabulous, younger looking, and brighter skin that is natural and healthy.

If you’re looking for a less expensive, natural, and simpler way of achieving the perfectly sculpted, youthful face then PRP facelift is the way to go!

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