The cost for cosmetic surgery in Bangkok, Thailand with INTERMEDISOL

Cosmetic surgery recommended prices:

Cosmetic surgery procedures fees can vary and rarely will you get a quote over the phone. We must customize for each individual because so many variables are involved.

The price list for 2019 is in Thai Baht and USD $, the exchange rate may various.

Cosmetic Surgery ProceduresPrice in
Thai Baht
Price in USD$
Eyelid Correction Blepharoplasty
Upper or Lower eyelid 30,000 THB$900 USD
Upper and Lower eyelid 60,000 THB$1,800 USD
Fat transfer by Korean technique
Fat transfer to full face75,000 THB
$2,370 USD
Fat transfer to Breast150,000 THB$4,750 USD
Brazilian Butt Lift - BBL - Fat transfer to Buttock

150,000 THB$4,750 USD
Face / Neck Lifting by Korean Technique
Mini Facelift by Korean Technique 135,000 THB$4,270 USD
Neck Lift by Korean Technique 135,000 THB$4,270 USD
Mid Facelift
by Korean Technique
135,000 THB$4,270 USD
Face / Neck Lifting by Dr. Sutin
Face & Neck lifting by Dr. Sutin200,000 THB$6,500 USD
Face lifting by Dr. Sutin156,000 THB$5,000 USD
Breast surgery
Breast augmentation / Implant from Mentor / round up to 375 CC 99,000 THB$2,960 USD
Breast augmentation / Implant from Mentor / round 400-500 cc 109,000 THB$3,260 USD
Breast augmentation / Implant from Mentor / round 501-550 cc 135.000 THB$4000.- USD
Breast Implant anatomical shape less 400cc 119,000 THB$3.560 USD
Breast Lift (anchor or lollipop technique) 119.000 THB$3.560 USD
Extended Breast Reduction175.000 THB$5.230 USD
Breast reduction
155,000 THB$4,620 USD
Rhinoplasty Cosmetic Surgery
Hump (humpsectomy)52,000 THB$1,660 USD
Tip-plasty(op en)62,000 THB$1,980 USD
AR&tip (open)77,000 THB$2,460 USD
Body Contouring by Dr. Sutin
Abdominoplasty ( Tummy tuck )180,000 THB$5,000 USD
Brachioplasty ( Arm lift )from 80,000 THB to 157,000 THB$4,500 USD
Buttock lift175,000 THB$5,000 USD
Tummy Tuck
Mini Tummy Tuck120,000 THB$3,840 USD
Full Tummy Tuck150,000 THB$4,800 USD
Full Tummy Tuck160,000 THB$5,110 USD
Extended Tummy Tuck190,000 THB$6,060 USD
Vaser Liposuction60,000 THB first area
20,000 THB each additional area
$1,915 USD
PAL - Power Assisted Liposuction
Liposuction (both arms)
54,000 THB$1,725 USD
Liposuction (full abdomen)159,000 THB$5,080 USD
Liposuction (upper back)
42,000 THB$1340 USD
Liposuction (thigh)89,000 THB$2,842 USD
Liposuction (lower back)42,000 THB$1340 USD
MtF ( Penile skin inversion )$9,500 USD
MtF ( Sigmoid colon )$13,000 USD
Labia reduction68,000 THB$2,171 USD

The provided surgery cost includes all the medical fee below:

1) consultation

2) surgery

3) anesthesia

4) operation room charge

5) post-op treatment

6) stitch removal

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