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The price list for 2017 is in THB and USD$, the exchange rate may various .

Cosmetic surgery procedures fees can vary and rarely will you get a quote over the phone. We must customize for each individual because so many variables are involved.

The below starting prices gives you an idea.

Cosmetic Surgery
Price in Thai Baht THB

Price in USD$
Eyelid Correction /Blepharoplasty
Upper or Lower eyelid28,000 THB800,- USD
Upper & Lower eyelid56,000 THB1,600 USD
Breast surgery
Breast augmentation / Implant Mentor / Natrelle round up to 400cc
in private certified clinic
110,000 THB3.350 USD
Breast augmentation / Implant Mentor / Natrelle round more 400cc
in private certified clinic
120,000 THB3.600 USD
Breast augmentation / Implant Mentor / Natrelle round up to 400cc
In JCI accredit Hospital
135.000 THB4000.- USD
Breast Implant Mentor / Natrelle anatomical shape less 400cc145,000 THB4,150 USD
Breast liftingfrom 130,000 THB to 175,000 THBfrom 3,750 USD to 5,000 USD
Breast lifting plus Implants180,000 THB5,150 USD
Breast reduction140,000 THB4,000 USD
Male breast reduction80,000 THB2,300 USD
Face / Neck Lifting ( Rhytidectomy )
Mini Face Lift ( = Cheek Lifting )from 125,000 THB to 158,000 THBfrom 3,600 USD to 4,500 USD
Face & Neck lifting190,000 THB5,500 USD
Face lifting175,000 THB5,000 USD
Neck lifting158,000 THB4,500 USD
Brow liftingon request
Face / Head
Cheek dimplefrom 19,000 THB to 31,000 THB900 USD
Cheek augmentationfrom 31,000 THB to 38,000 THB1,100 USD
Chin augmentationfrom 31,000 THB to 48,000 THB1,400 USD
Prominent ear correction ( Otoplasty )52,000 THB1500 USD
Jaw contouringon requeston request
Nose Reduction/ reshaping rhinoplasty175,000 THB5,000 USD
Alarplasty28,000 THB800 USD
Rhinoplasty augmentationfrom 24,000 THB to 40,000 THB900 USD
Body Contouring
Abdominoplasty ( Tummy tuck )180,000 THB5,000 USD
Brachioplasty ( Arm lift )from 80,000 THB to 157,000 THB4,500 USD
Buttock lift175,000 THB5,000 USD
Vaser liposuction
Liposuction (both arms)
Liposuction (abdomen & waist)
Liposuction (back & hips)
Liposuction (thighs & buttocks)
MtF ( Penile skin inversion )8,600 USD
MtF ( Sigmoid colon )11,750 USD
Labia reduction1,500 USD

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