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JCI accredited hospital for all orthopedic treatments

Bone and Joint Center Our selected orthopedic centers are accredited  by JCI (Joint Commission International). The specialized facilities working with the most advanced technologies. Our highly skilled and experienced physicians are graduates of internationally recognized medical institutions and Thailand’s finest medical schools. The Minimal Invasive Bone and Joint Center offers services and treatments for all bone and joint related discomforts.

Meniscus Repair by Dr. Trai Promsang

Our orthopedic service



√  Minimal Invasive Surgery (MIS) of joints
√  Slipped disk
√  Arthroscopic Repair Knee Ligament
√  Joint inflammation
√  Arthroscopic Meniscectomy (Knee)
√  Broken bones
√  Arthroscopic Repair Shoulder Lesion
√  Spine surgery
√  Arthroscopic Repair Ligament of Shoulder
√  Orthopedic oncology
√  Arthroscopic Repair Frozen Shoulder
√  Treatment of peripheral nerve disorders
√  Laminectomy with Implantation
√  Hand surgery
√  Spinal Fusion with Implantation
√  Foot surgery
√  Knee Arthroscopic Debridement
√  Slipped disk

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