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Dermatology – aesthetics and skin laser treatments

Aesthetic and anti-aging treatment has not to involve a surgical procedure. Many beauty treatments are non-invasive or non-abrasive, which will leave you with good results you desire with no post-care pain and very little or no downtime. Nowadays there are several procedures, such as skin tightening and skin lifting by Ultherapy, laser rejuvenation from Thermage, Botox and Filler for wrinkle treatment to PRP Platelet Rich Plasma. The dermatologist and the skin center is ISO board certified.

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Non-invasive beauty treatments

The need to look physically attractive is forever growing, and at the same time, the number of people looking to enhance their youthful appearance is increasing. Not everyone can have been blessed at birth with captivating eyes you always wanted, or the smooth and tight kin or fuller lips! But nowadays, it is possible to achieve these results with non-invasive treatments that will leave you looking young and wrinkle-free again without suffering any down time in recovery !

Anti aging skin treatments

In this day and age, we are all looking to save our pennies in any way that we can but still require the best results that money can buy! In some of the more expensive countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, or the United States, seeking treatment for an affordable price is no easy task. You will be sure to find what you are looking for, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg nor will it cost you several days of recovery and down time. Treat yourself to a wonderful vacation in Thailand, and leave here with your skin looking smoother and tighter, your wrinkles gone, your appearance younger and more beautiful ! You deserve the best and you can have it now, in Bangkok, for a fraction of the cost in Europe or abroad! With the modern day’s non-invasive surgery, it is possible to receive a treatment that is a lot less painful with far fewer side effects.

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