Proliferation Considerations Medical Tourism

Posted on 2017-08-31

The Proliferation & Considerations of Medical Tourism Press release Huffpost 08/27/2017 08:47 pm ET A colorful facet of globalization has been the blurring of international boundaries, allowing individuals to travel across country lines with ease to enjoy services and unique cultural phenomena different from their own. Healthcare has become one such sought-after service in the […]

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Dental Tourism Thailand

Posted on 2017-06-20

Why Dental Vacation in Bangkok For people who demand high-quality healthcare, medical tourism has been a welcomed trend. At the same time, medical tourism also has an ever increasing market of individuals who are seeking more economical healthcare options. If you look at UK, US or any other European country, dental care prices are going […]

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Recovery time after surgery

Posted on 2017-03-23

How much time do you have to plan for your recovery when you undergo a cosmetic surgery? We offer the whole range of procedures, whereas every one of them requires different follow-up appointments and various length of stays in Thailand. When you come from overseas you need to know in advance how many days you […]

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How to prepare for plastic surgery

Posted on

You can prepare yourself before plastic surgery     Whether you’re organizing a cosmetic surgery procedure abroad or in your home country, there are things you can do to prepare yourself for your facelift, breast surgery, tummy tuck or any other procedure. If you follow the tips listed below, you can do quite a lot […]

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What is medical tourism?

Posted on 2017-03-15

  Years back, before I had my calling to work in the medical tourism industry, a friend of mine asked me: “What is medical tourism? Is it doctors on vacation?” Someone else had this eyebrow-raising facial expression and asked: “Is it people getting sick on their vacation”?     Medical tourism – medical holidays: 5 […]

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We are rated best for service by!

Posted on 2017-03-13

International Medical Health Solutions Co., Ltd. – RATED BEST FOR SERVICE BY WHATCLINIC International Medical Health Solutions @ INTERMEDISOL, in Bangkok Thailand has been recognized with an annual award based on patient service excellence ratings for healthcare. WhatClinic looked at 12 months of data from users of its site, in relation to International Medical Health […]

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