Fat transfer – lipofilling – fat graft injections to Face

What is lipo – filling or fat grafting to face?

Fat grafting to face

A volume restoration procedure that takes excess fat from the areas like thighs and injects it into the affected areas!

Besides wrinkling, loss in the volume of the facial skin has been recognized as an important factor in the aging process. This volume loss can be easily restored with the help of facial fat grafting also called lipofiller.

The process of fat grafting injections involves removal of fat from the patient’s body (thighs and abdomen) to inject into the area of the face that have started losing volume.

This treatment is effective at improving the appearance of cheeks, temples, dimples, scars, skin depressions, lips, and contouring irregularities.

Fat transfer is also for natural breast augmentation or enlargement, even for buttock enhancement also called the BBL – The Brazilian butt lift.

Before and after photos for fat graft to face

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 Why choose fat transfer with Intermedisol

By using the best Lipokit from Korea, guarantees a much higher survivability on fat as the basic centrifugal separator.

The Autologous fat (a customer’s own fat), will be customized fat grafting for individualized facial contouring with younger looking appearance.


best Lipokit from Korea,

Fat Graft with PRP Plasma cells or stem-cells

The fat grafting procedure uses the natural regenerative cells ‘PRP plasma cells that increase the effectiveness of the treatment by increasing the blood supply in the affected area. This use of cells produces a variety of proteins leading to the fast repair of damaged tissues.

Fat Transfer without PRP Plasma Cells

This procedure works like the regular fat graft procedure and provides you with the similar effect in the same time frame. The specialist will consult in person.

How does Fat Graft for Face works?

It is a simple three step process of removing the fat from the body, purifying it, and then injecting it into the target area.

The fat transfer procedure begins with a liposuction that removes the fat from the donor site. After the adequate removal, it is spun in the centrifuge to separate the fat cells from the liquid and the damaged cells. With a separate hypodermic syringe, cells will be injected into the intended area to achieve the desired results.

How long does fat transfer last?

The survival rate on fat graft is 70 – 80 %.

What are the benefits of Fat grafts/ Fat injections?

Facial fat grafting is a great alternative to the dermal fillers as it reduces the risk of allergic reactions along with providing the lasting results. This process uses the natural fat of your body and gives you long-lasting natural results. Also, there is no requirement of the pre-procedure allergy testing as there is no risk of reaction to your fat cells.

The risks of the use of fat injections are minimal; only a bit of soreness and swelling is experienced (only in some cases). The Recovery time also varies from a couple of hours to a day or a two.

Why choose Fat Graft for the face?

Many people around the world look for a process with the minimal pain and long lasting results when it comes to their facial skin. The fat graft procedure takes the fat cells from your body and injects them into the parts of face requiring volume restoration. Minimal pain can be expected, and the result you get is a rejuvenated, natural, and a younger looking skin.

Whether you are looking to revive your facial skin or want to restore your youthful appearance, fat grafting treatment delivers these results with a natural appeal.

What is the recovery time?

The swelling will be around 10 days and slowly subside. The specialist will not over inject fat to face so there will not be a balloon look.

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