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Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry

The dental clinic has its own fully-equipped dental laboratory with the latest and most innovative dental technology equipment and products. The ISO certified clinic provides custom-built prosthetic for all patients to give “the perfect fit” for your smile.

Why dental treatment in Bangkok?

Dental work in Asia in general is about a third of the price than the more expensive countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, Switzerland or the United States. This is one of the main reasons why Dental work in Thailand has become increasingly popular over the recent years. Affordable dental cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening, scaling and polishing are far less expensive, hence why so many tourists traveling through Asia, will often seize the opportunity to seek out cheaper procedures and have their teeth glimmering! They can do so for a minimal cost whilst enjoying a wonderful and relaxing holiday in the land of smiles.

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Low cost on cosmetic dentistry abroad

Looking for quality Dentists in Thailand? Bangkok in particular is the main hub for dental tourism in Thailand with JCI internationally accredited facilities holding the latest technology and providing a high level of quality treatment and care. Dental treatment can also be found at a vast number of fantastic, hygienic clinics. Patients in general report having had received a higher level of care than they would typically receive in their own home countries, and at a much lower cost!

Frequent asked question

One of the most frequently asked questions by patients seeking Dental Care abroad is, “Does the minimal cost of treatment and care in developing countries, reflect on the quality of treatment and care provided?” Rest assured that this is not the case. We treat all of our clients with the individual care and attention that they deserve, and we will arrange the finest quality dentistry work available from our state of the art facilities.

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