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Fillings are a daily procedure of our dentists and there are many options as to which materials to use and how best to protect your teeth.

dental-vector_smallThe Filling Procedure

Normally the dentist will notice any decay on a visual inspection during a regular check up. To make sure you don’t have any cavities he may also recommend an x-ray. When tooth decay has been identified, they will clean the cavity and remove any dead or decayed elements using drills or other techniques such as air abrasion. The tooth will be contained, and moisture from the area removed so the filling can stick properly. An adhesive is placed on the affected tooth so the filling will stick and stay in place, and then, a composite filling is applied.  Sometimes a light source will be used to properly bond the agents together and the process is complete.

Types of dental fillings

Filling material was made from an amalgam of metals including silver, tin, zinc, mercury and copper. The disadvantages of amalgam fillings do not always match the color of your tooth. One of the most popular types of filling currently used is composite fillings, created from a mixture of plastic and tiny glass particles. This type of filling also has a relatively long life. Composite fillings also have the advantage of matching your tooth natural color.

Dark Tooth Fillings Amalgam fillings which are silver in color darkening over time so that they are noticeable and generally used for only the molar teeth.

Nowadays we use White Tooth Filling in Thailand

White Tooth Fillings

White composite fillings are more popular due to their high aesthetic value, blend in to the natural colour of your teeth and are highly efficient for filling cavities. X-rays will be taken to ensure that having a white composite filling is the right choice for you. The tooth will be cleaned and the cavity cleared of all dead or decaying matter.  This will either occur through drilling or through air abrasion. A bright light is often used to harden the material once the cavity has been filled.

Porcelain Tooth Fillings

Porcelain and ceramics can be used either alone or as a facing for material fillings. The advantage is the high aesthetic quality. A porcelain material can last up to 30 years and a can strengthen the tooth. The procedure is more time consuming, as the dentist will prepare the enamel for the filling by first removing decay using a drill or air abrasion. Then the tooth colour will be matched with the colour of the porcelain and the area will be measured. A digital scanning technique called CADCAM is used, so the porcelain filling can be properly fitted.  A temporary filling will be fitted so your cleaned cavity doesn’t cause you any pain. The porcelain is fabricated to the shape of your tooth and on your second visit it can be bonded to your tooth.

Gold Tooth Fillings

Gold fillings are usually only 75% gold. The other 25% being composed of a mixture of copper, silver, platinum, palladium and zinc. The fitting procedure is similar to amalgam fillings and most other filling materials.  Gold is an expensive material, and can cost up to 10 times as much as an amalgam filling.

Price for dental fillings

Restorative Dentistry    
Tooth Colored Filling (1 surface)800 - 1,00022.08 - 27.5930.51 - 38.1433.18 - 41.48
Tooth Colored Filling (2 surfaces)1,300 - 1,50035.87 - 41.3949.58 - 57.2153.92 - 62.21
Tooth Colored Filling (3 surfaces)1,800 - 2,00049.67 - 55.1968.65 - 76.2874.66 - 82.95

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