Professional Teeth Cleaning in Bangkok

Affordable deep teeth cleaning and scaling


To preserve your teeth, it is recommended to get professional teeth cleaning every 6 month. Our dental clinics in Thailand perform the scaling and polishing with technologically advanced equipment. A high frequency ultrasonic scaler is used to clean each tooth to their maximum best. This restores teeth properly, as the dentist is able to get below the gum line. The next step in the cleaning process is to gently polish each tooth to ensure that the scaling has not damaged the enamel.

See our price list for dental cleaning below

Treatment in Bangkok    
Exchange rate November 18 2015THBUSDAUDNSD
Cosmetic Dentistry
Regular teeth cleaning 1,000 - 1,500 start 28.- USDstart 38.-start 42.-
Laser tooth whitening7500206.95286.04311.07
Laser tooth whitening (2 persons) 14000386.31533.94580.67
Zoom White Speed advanced whitening 9000248.34343.25373.29

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