Breast augmentation – Breast enlargement with Implants from Mentor

The breast surgery is performed by board certified plastic surgeon in a JCI accredited Hospital

Also known as breast implants or augmentation mammoplasty can change the size and shape of your breasts. Some women may desire fuller breasts, while others may seek to reverse the effects that pregnancy, breast feeding or massive weight loss can have on their breasts. Breast augmentation is usually performed by inserting a saline or silicone gel breast implant behind breast tissue or behind the breast muscle. Nowadays some women prefer breast enlargement with fat grafting.

We use FDA approved breast Implants from Mentor and Allergan round shape and anatomic tear drop  shape in different sizes.

MemoryGel implants are available with a structured or smooth surface and in many different sizes and profiles

Nowadays almost everyone is choosing the silicon Implant. Silicone gel implants are smoother and softer than saline implants. Many women prefer the softer, more natural feel of silicone implants especially those with little breast tissue. Silicone-gel implants are also less likely to  ripple than saline breast implants. The breast Implants are  available in different sizes and shapes. The round shapes implants staring in size 150 CC all the way up to 600 CC. Usually women desire size o 255 CC to 400 CC. The anatomic shape implants also called tear drop shape. Basically, the difference between the two implants is that the anatomical implant is made of more cohesive silicone, making it firmer. It also has a definite shape, much like the natural contour of a woman’s breast, making it a better option for women who have mild breast ptosis or small breast.

Where do you need you incision for breast augmentation

The Incision location is based on individual anatomy. – Fold incision / inflammatory Incision / is placed near the crease where the breast and chest come together. – Nipple incision / periareolar Incision / is placed along the outline of the areola, or the brown or pink pigmented region surrounding the nipple. – Armpit incision / transaxillary Incision / is placed in the natural folds of the skin of the armpit.

What is the best position for breast Implant placement

Breast Implants price start at 99,000 THBSubglandular implant placement places the implant under the breast tissue, but above the muscles in the chest. Complete submuscular implant placement places the breast implant under/behind the pectoral and chest muscles.

Pre Operative Assessment for Size and Placement of the Implant       

The goal is to augment your breasts to a size in better proportion to your physique and maintain a natural look. If you have only a small amount of breast tissue and want to enhance the tissue much as possible, it is recommended that an implant is placed below the muscle in order to prevent the feeling or appearance of the implant. There is also less chance of capsular contraction. If you have large chest muscles as a result of exercising, the implant should be placed above the muscles in order to allow for comfortable movement and a natural look. For patients with mild to moderate breast sagging, larger implants placed over the muscle is recommended.

What are the Results?

Breast augmentation increases breast size and may also balance your body proportions. Clothes may fit better, and you may also experience an increase in confidence and self-esteem.

How long will be the duration of breast operation?

one to two hours

What is the after care for breast augmentation?

All dressings and bandages are removed on the third day following the operation. The patient is requested to gently move the implants upward, downward, and inward in order to decrease the chances of capsule contraction. Only gentle massaging is recommended. Overly aggressive manipulation of the implant or strong squeezing can possibly cause an inflammation, thus producing an adverse effect on the capsules. During the first month following surgery, you should exercise your implants three to four times per for fifteen to twenty minutes. After that, if breast contour improve satisfactorily, you will need to exercise only once or twice daily.

What is the recovery time?

Hospital Admission: One night admission to hospital.
Anesthetic:  General anesthesia (you are asleep)
Patient need to stay in Thailand a total of 12 – 14 days after surgery for post-op cares.

Post Operative Care

For at least three to five days upon surgery, try to keep arm extension to a minimum. After removing the gauze dressing, you may be required to wear a support bra to help your breasts form and maintain a pleasing and balanced shape. You will probably be able to resume exercise and normal physical activities within a month or two when soreness has subsided.

You are able to fly back home after 9 days, but we recommend to stay up to 14 days.

Preparation for breast enlargement surgery:

Inform us about any allergies, any serious medical condition(s), and all medications you are taking (both prescription and non-prescription).
Discontinue all blood thinner such as Aspirin, Vitamin E, and fish oil.
Refrain from smoking 2 weeks before and 4 weeks after surgery
Plan to be in Thailand 12 days altogether.

This is an example on breast surgery schedule

Day 1 – Consultation and Prepare for Laboratory Testing

Day 2 – Surgery and 1 night in hospital private room after surgery

Day 3 – Discharge from Hospital

Day 3 to Day 7 – Stay in hotel for recovery period and follow up on doctor appointment

Day 8  – 9 Stitches removal and final check up

Our plastic surgeon recommend to stay at least 12 -14 days in Thailand

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