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Award Winning Medical Tourism Services in Bangkok, Thailand

INTERMEDISOL has been recognized with an annual award based on patient service excellence ratings from healthcare WhatClinic.

Intermedisol was only one of a small number of clinics on the site that met the exacting standards needed to qualify for the award. Not only must the clinic have a consistently high ServiceScore™ rating to qualify, the rating measures the clinic’s commitment to customer service over a whole year, and so represents long term commitment dealing with patients. Less than 2% of clinics on the site qualified for the award this year.




Medical Tourism Thailand

We know Thailand’s medical development & facilities on site. Hand in hand we work daily with doctors and medical teams. Bangkok certainly has some of the world’s best medical facilities. With such fierce competition, caution is needed. Intermedisol will assist you find the best medical solution for you.

Save Time

No more days of online searching and confusion for you. We arrange your cosmetic surgery and medical treatments to fit within a time frame of your choosing.


Discretion and Confidentiality are our watchwords. Our goal is for you to return to your homeland rejuvenated after a wonderfully relaxing medical vacation.


The language barrier in Thailand may be an obstacle. Especially in the medical terms maybe a challenge. We speak fluent English and German.

How to book your treatment?

  •  Contact us by e-mail
  • Let us know your needs and expectations
  • Let us know more about your medical history (a form will be provided), and send us clear photographs for physician evaluation.
  • We will provide you a doctor recommendation and quotation.
  • Let us know your preferred surgery date and travel itinerary
  • To secure a surgery date, a 10 % deposit is strongly recommended

Please inform us if we can arrange accommodation with one of our contract hotel partners for you.

What happens after your arrival?

  • Hotel check in
  • Doctor face to face consultation
  • Full amount of surgery has to be played – payment in cash Thai Baht or $USD, credit card are accepted
  • Pre health checkup (if needed)
  • Surgery, OPD cases can leave the clinic the same day
  • Surgery, GA General anesthetic may stay overnight in Hospital
  • Transportation from hospital/Clinic to hotel can be provided
  • Follow up appointment will be given by Doctor
  • Final check up by doctor before leaving

As we all come in different shape, sizes, expectations and budget let us recommend the doctor for you.

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About us


Intermedisol is a leader in the field of medical tourism services in Thailand. The company has a team of multi-lingual experienced professionals specializing in coordinating a wide range of medical and surgical procedures at the most affordable prices while ensuring the highest quality of medical care through an extensive network of clinics, hospitals and care providers.



Intermedisol was founded in 2005 by Beate Juengst, born in the heart of Europe, with international work experience in the US, Egypt and Indonesia. “I decided to have minor elective surgery 10 years ago. My experience showed me”, Beate says, “that Thailand has world-class medical and surgical facilities, but I had to do all the research myself about which procedure would best meet my needs, and which clinic could offer the best quality care for the lowest cost. I quickly realized how much I did not know and this added additional unnecessary stress for an otherwise common cosmetic surgical procedure”.


Following her experiences, Beate began to research the medical industry in Bangkok and to cultivate relationships with the city’s finest medical care providers. Today, Intermedisol has built a strong network of the best medical care providers and cosmetic treatment facilities in Bangkok, and enjoys a solid reputation in the market as both a trusted advisor to its patients guaranteeing that they receive the highest quality medical care available in Bangkok at the most affordable rates.

Let the Intermedisol team coordinate all of your surgical needs, from pre-op paperwork and initial consultations to post-op care and treatments.

You’re in good hands with Intermedisol!


We received the Exellent Award for Customer Service. DBV Verified
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